A mother's dilemma

When life was all about changing diapers and feeding babies, I felt my life was less interesting. Routine continues endlessly, activities are restricted and self-indulgence had to be deleted from my vocabulary. I couldn't wait for the time when both Natasha and Arif be able stand on their own feet so I can be myself again.

Now, the time has come. They both require less supervision, they know where to find food and look after themselves (for basic needs at least). I in the other hand, have more time for myself. I started cycling, hangout with friends without much interference, went shopping by myself and lots more that I couldn't imagine I would be able to do five years back.

While walking pass a young couple in a mall one day, hovering a stroller with a super cute baby in it. It occurred to me, the tender loving care I have less now. I looked at the baby with the feeling full of admiration, and subconsciously, there was a smile on my face. From then on I knew, I missed my babies. The smell of milk and baby soap, the tender skin plus the crying and yes, the diapers. Wow.. I sighted, how am I be able to let go this feeling of freedom and be a 'younger' mother again. I then declared I am in a middle of a crisis, a mid-life crisis perhaps? Huhuhu...

Back from the Mall, I've made a few pair of baby dress like I usually do at my past time when Natasha was a baby. I sewn them with an extraordinary love, as if I make it for my own baby girl but sadly the dresses have no name.

Suddenly I recalled a customer who happened to just gave birth to a lovely baby girl a few months back and she lives nearby. So i gave her a call for an appointment for a photo shoot. As usual, she who had became quite a close friend of mine, never let me down. I thanked her gratefully as she gave me the chance to hold a baby in my hands once again as I had forgotten how cool it was. Most importantly before I decided to have one of my own, shall God permits of course.

Meet Dhuha, 6 months old. She fell asleep during the photo shoot, but she delivered a stunning shot even when she was unconscious hehehe..

Dhuha's sister, Darwisha 4 years old, is just as cute. The fair skin (inherited from her mother of course) and chubby cheeks makes the dresses look better. Her character was transpired to the photos perfectly. Working with this young model was a swift as she was so patience and corporative. 

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