Curvy Sling Bag: Sweet Handcrafts for LizOthman

Gypsy Curvy

My relationship with the owner of Sweet Handcrafts, Azlynn Supian has been going on for quite sometimes now. We used to co-tenant booths on every opportunity we got.

Now, our relationship have moved to the next level. We joint to produce a new product combining the signature Sweet Handcrafts' Curvy Sling bag with fabrics used in LizOthman's collection to give more options for both our customers.

Sweet Handcrafts label inside the bag

Customers frequently asked about the bag Natasha carrying in the pic that's how the idea came about
There are a few collections available at LizOthman's store that you can choose from. The miniature collection is made for girls who like to keep their own things everywhere they go. I gave Natasha my second handphone for her to bring everytime we went for outings so that she can be contacted anytime.

Purple Dotty


White Dotty

Black Strawberry

Pink Dotty

Bugsy Curvy
Happy bag shopping...



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