Travel with kids: Seoul, Korea

Dear all,

First of all I would like to wish happy long school holiday to all Mommies & Daddies. This is the time we can take a break from schooling activities, no sending & picking up to and from school, no homeworks for nearly two months. Phew.. and I am planning to send them back to kampung (as usual) to spend time with their Atok and Wan.
No holiday destination for them this time around, because they've been around the world (almost) earlier this year. After London, Ayah had a training to be attended in Seoul, Korea in June. So, we'd tagged along hehe..
Without much study on the location, we packed our bags and flew (cause it was kind of last-minute arrangement). Then, while Ayah had his classes for a week 9 to 5, we stayed at the extra small hotel room watching K-Pop music videos.. huhuhu.. then only after-5, we can get ourselves out and about.

Seoul, as a whole is an interesting destination for shoppers mostly (but not necessarily cheap). Apart from that are the historic values, culture and civilization (as for the technology, I think KL had it all). The most valuable experience we had was by watching the people. Well, I have a few pics to share. I hope it'll be informative for those who plan to visit Seoul this coming holiday. Enjoy it..  

Dongdaemun, we were supposedly on a after-working-hour shopping trip but found this iconic temple at the center of the town.

Dongdaemun, Doota Shopping Mall. Make sure you wear a comfortable shoes for the very long miles of walking.

Dongdaemun, Korea is not a food friendly city for Muslim but there is a Arabic Pizza restaurant here. My advise, bring a bottle of Chilli Sauce.

Dongdaemun, We were fascinated by how the Korean kept their rivers clean and useful. Should you get tired of the massive train riding, try to stroll along the river, it was like walking in the park. Some river banks even have a gym for the public.

Dongdaemun, look at the clean and clear water. I wish Sg. Klang will turn to something like this someday.
Myeongdong, You have to experience the night markets. I was lucky to have stayed near the town.

Myeongdong, It is hard to find food here, but anything do not come with meat, chicken or funny things we have to make do. Tawakkalallallah... this one is a fried rice a-la teppanyaki at Yoogane, Myeongdong. I saw a few Malays (probably students) had their dinner here too. As for the taste, I highly recommend.
Namdaemun, this is hodduk. A fried vege and mee in a pow hahaha... I am not good at describing it but it was surprisingly delicious.
Namdaemun, If you plan to bring a boy for a shopping trip here. Make sure you bring together a stroller and an iPad. For girls, no additional equipment required, they'll go as shopping crazy as you will.

This is the icon of Namsan. N-Tower, you have to walk a few miles from Namdaemun to get the cable car uphill. Or you can walk up, but I don't recommend it if you have kids with you. 
N-Tower, great view for photographing.
N-Tower, here is where the famous tower of Lock of love. Bring along your lock to be sealed here for the remembrance of your love.
N-Tower, there is a Teddy bear museum here. Girls will love it while boys are advisable to wait outside as they might die in boredom in here hehehe.. (that was what we did last time at least).
Everland, If you have the whole day to spend. You MUST bring the kids to Everland, disregard everthing else, just get the bus (in Gangnam) and head for 2-hours travel to the outskirt Everland.

Everland, at the entrance. The concept had little if not nothing to do with the Korean. As you can see, visitors are welcomed with grandeur Taj Mahal.
Everland, Kids wil be entertained by lots of characters (which mostly are unrecognizable). Unlike other theme parks which have famous characters, Everland have their own in-house characters which just as fun.
Everland, the water show. What makes this different from the Sea World's or Legoland's is that they are in Koreans, so we were clueless of what was going on the whole show. But, all in all, the kids had a fun time.
Everland, this was what made Everland outclass the rest of theme parks we'd been, The Show was  professionally displayed and not only kids enjoyed it, so did the parents.
Everland, there is a African themed area where they showcase everything Africa. I wonder why not Korean theme? hmm..
Everland, Natasha had a camel ride. Before this she already rode a horse (Australia) and an elephant (Melaka). After this she wish to ride something else (dolphin?).
Everland, this extra cautious boy was more than happy to ride the pony even that was his third time.
Everland, The Safari World. They drove into an uncaged wild animal safari like bears, lions, tigers and ligers. This was a worthwhile experience even we have to que for almost an hour in line to get in.
Everland, it can't get any closer than this. Though we are safe behind the glass windows but it still a pretty daunting experience.
Everland, It was spring time where thousands of flowers was blossoming. 
Everland, heaven for girls. Well, boys! bear with it.. 
Everland, at the park. A small-sized adrenalin pumping ride.
Everland, before leaving the park, you should go for a stroll along the river of world's village where it will brings you across the continents, Korea, Japan, China, India, Portugal, Italy... you name it.
Next destination. The famous Nami Island. Make sure you have enough energy for the 3 hours travel by train from the city center to the lake.
Nami Island, upon your arrival, this is what you should expect regardless of time or day. Alternative of this, Flying Fox (pretty daunting huh?). If not because of the kids, I would've been flown.
Nami Island, The island is really about nature and that's it. Owh, and about the movie.
Nami Island, The walking wear us out so we thought by hiring this ride will ease it but it was like walking multiple by 4.. Huhuhu..
Nami Island, here is where the renown poster of Winter Sonata was shot. But unfortunately it wasn't winter.
Nami Island, the kids were probably didn't get the idea of nature appreciation at first but when they found filming butterflies and squirrel is fun, they finally found the best of the island.
Nami Island, the walking could be fun if only two of us here but with the kids? I would rather watch the movie from the comfort of our couch.
Nami Island, the island is not a stroller friendly but it still came in handy when the boy started whining... and we still need to travel 3 more hours to go back huhuhu.. owh my hurting feet.
Seoul has lots of historic places like palaces. Though they don't have a king anymore, for tourism purposes they still carry out ceremonies that you can catch at scheduled time of the day.
Make sure you know where your kids are. Don't get carried away with the ceremony because bear in mind they don't speak english for you to get help on emergency.
Natasha loves the traditional hanbok. We purposely visited the palace to shoot this. 
Natasha carried the hanbok justly that she had drew attentions from the locals during the photo session. Koreans love her so much that she at numerous time received free pastries or candy from generous locals, Alhamdulillah..
Although the palace offered nothing exciting for the kids but this picture is the best souvenir we had.
War Memorial, Korean had experience series of wars with Japanese, China and North Korea. All are well documented and displayed in a building. Arif loves the place as it has lots of military technology.
War Memorial, Arif is a couldn't-care-less kind of person. But when he was there, he wanted me to take his pictures on everything he posed with.
War Memorial, after the visit, I can leave Seoul happily as I've learnt almost everything I need to know about the country's long history.

After the last visit in War Memorial, we head straight to Incheon Airport to catch our flight back to KL. Looking back to the past 8-days in Seoul, Yes, we had a good time but do we want to come back someday? Hmm... maybe not because there are lots of places in the world we have yet to visit, so let's give the others a chance.

Till then, Cheers!


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