Phineas & Ferb: Jubah, Skirt & Shawl

Dear All,

Happy New Year 1434. For a new resolution, I want to create more muslim kids collection more that before. Having said that, I want to tap the market that big players like GAP kids, Oshkosh and the likes couldn't. I mean, the muslim market. To have a collection as interesting as international labels have has been my dream for so long now while muslim kids fashion in Malaysia still offering the same typical look, mostly at least. Well, marrying both is the niche i like to tap and focus on this year around.

For LizOthman customers, followers and supporters. I will try to offer more interesting fashion this year.  Although the size of the business will likely to remain the same but I will try to produce more to reduce the waiting time for an order.

OK, enough with business plan. Now, this is something new I'm offering. Named after Natasha's and Arif's favourite cartoon character, I've created a couple's collection which comprises of Jubah Jr., Long skirt and a Shawl. Although I have a little knowledge about the characters, and had nothing to do with the collection, I found it catchy and cute hehehe.. (whatever!).

I found the materials (for the collection) somewhat 'international' hehehe.. I would probably find this kind of material displayed in GAP, Pull & Bear or Cotton On boutique. Furthermore, checkered with pastel light colors are kind of the 'in' thing now. To cut story short, please kindly view the pics below.

Phineas & Ferb shows how brother and sister (or even parents) can connect in a fashionable bond. Disregard the 'boria' term, this is the new way of how people express their feeling towards each other, as a family especially that they wouldn't mind to go out in uniform (but in fashionable way of course).

As Natasha experience the coming of age, she had developed the love for music, youtube stars in particular. Because she loves Najwa Latif so much, I try to wear her a shawl hijab in the way Najwa always do. I thought maybe you would find it cool, do you?

There are lots of ways you can wear the shawl, just youtube it... For mothers who would like to have this, I can make one of course. Just mail me  at

The 3-tiered long skirt gives the edgy look to a girl. It comes in 3 different sizes ranges in length from 23 to 31 inches.

For boys, a Jubah Jr. of course. I also can make a baju melayu to go with khaki pants with this material.

For those who interested in this collection, please kindly visit my store, they are already listed where you can start to make an order online.



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