Hijab: Long & Buttons

As a muslim, all individuals become responsible and accountable for their behavior at the age of puberty. The islamic teachings about modest dress apply to any person, male or female, at that age.

Even before the age of puberty, many girls become accustomed to these values of modesty. Muslim parents are generally careful about choosing appropriate clothing, even for their young children. While they may or may not wear the hijab yet, many young girls choose not to wear short skirts or shorts, belly shirts, or sleeveless tops in public. 

In some families and cultures, girls begin to wear the hijab at puberty simply out of family, peer, or societal pressure. Some girls decide, on their own, to start wearing the hijab even before the age when it is required of them. It is becoming more common for families to leave the decision about hijab up to the young woman herself. They may try to educate her about her Islamic responsibilities, but ultimately they allow her to make the choice when she fully understands and feels ready to commit to the decision.
- islam.about.com

In LizOthman, we believe hijab is a kind of training for girls to learn how to respect the elders and religious occasions where they often engaged in. It's also normal for a young girl to copy her mother who wears hijab, for them it's a 'cool' thing to do.. hehe..

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