Happy 7th Birthday Mia Sara

On the 30th Sept 12, Mia Sara Nasuha is officially 7 years old. This is a wish from her biggest fan and the maker of her dresses that day, as recorded on URTV 1-15 Oct 2012 edition no 823. For Mia, Aunty wish you will shining bright like you always are and let the lights be the guide of the others, insyallah..

A simple blue gown with english prints to go with the white cardigan and belt.  Accessorized with Sekoci Norlie's flower clips and batch. A bright star doesn't need exaggeration, I think.

She loves flare gown, so I made her one for her birthday. It is made of embroidered cotton because I think organza is too loud for her.
Credits to Sekoci Norlie for the famous bouquet. She loves it, and so does everybody else on the set.

I also made Natasha a simple gown with english prints for the occasion, to go with that cute sling bag made by Sweet Handcrafts

Get a copy of this URTV to get the full story
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Gown Mia7 Princess
Gown Mia7 Blue

Gown Mia7 Pink



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