LizOthman Frenzy in URTV Raya 2012 Special Edition

Dear All,

There was no other edition of magazine of any kind that featured the most LizOthman than this one. No wonder I found myself extremely tight at this point of time, it's due to the extra amount of time I've spent for the press this year around. Not that I want to shy away from the limelight but it was the matter of time management. However, I loike! the way they turned out to be.. hehehe.. Thanks Shana dear.

I made Strawberry Kurung for Mia and her sisters and Docks for her brother. I was touched by this article about how she perceived Hari Raya after the divorce of her parents.

As usual, my favourite 'intan payung' Mia Sara with the 2012 best selling item. Red Gypsy + clutch designed by Sweet Handcrafts. It will be made available once again after Raya insyallah.

Puteri Balqis Azizi (Aqish) in Pink Gypsy
At 5, Aqish had already played in 2 cerekaramas
Qisrina (8) in Embroidery Turquoise
Farah Nadiah (11) in Vibrant Red
Aqish likes the Contemp Red very much.

Then, I would say, the most anticipated birth of the century. Cahaya Malaika, the daughter of Mawi & Ekin.

Cahaya was born in 28 Feb 2012
Cahaya Malaika with her Abi
Cahaya with her Umi. I designed 2 dresses especially for her using fabrics I bought in Seoul.
Cahaya's dresses will be available at LizOthman's store right after Raya! Check them out soon..

This is probably my last post before Hari Raya, so I would like to wish all readers and customers a happy Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin.



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