LizOthman for Harmoni 15-31 Jul 12

Hi all,
I've been shy away from blogging recently. Not that I've lost interest or lack of interesting stories to tell but it's Ramadhan.. My Ramadhan means busiest! I've tried to avoid from being too busy this Ramadhan, but deja vu! it's been 3 years now.. huhuhu... My only hope this year is to be home on the Raya Night, we've been missing it for 3 years now.

Anyway, just to share my recent collection for Harmoni magazine, I've made a pair of boy's baju melayu and a baju kurung for the children of the Rock Star Awie.

Unfortunately, I was too busy (there you go, I mention it again) that I couldn't attend the photo session. So, I wouldn't be able to tell a story of the Rock Star's family..huhuhu.. but from the cover page, I can tell that this is one of a good looking family. They made my collection looks fantastic.. hehehe..

Well, enough for now. Just in case you are interested in the collection, check them out at my Store:

Deep Purple

Harmony Purple


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