The Blossoming Flower Girls..

Natasha was requested by her aunty to be her flower girl on her wedding, together with Natasha's another (youngest) aunty, Mirza. I designed a couple of dresses for them from polka dots cotton and white linen.

Mirza was first thought the dress was a lil' sexy for her. Hahaha.. I said, you're just 6, it's OK. The fair-skinned chubby Mirza then smiled in satisfaction.

The couple made an interesting duo. As oppose to the fair and chubby Mirza, skinny and dark Natasha proved the versatility of the dress.

Thanks to SekochiNorlie for the flowers. They complement the whole look perfectly.

They both did a good job that day, leading the bride and groom to the high table on the red carpet. They just did what had been rehearsed earlier.

From my point of view, the dresses stood out amid the well-decorated hall and glamorous audiences. Thus made the presence of the flower girls more celebrated but not too much to overshadow the bride.. hehehe..

What a good day that was, Wish Shireen Misnan a Happy Married Life!



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