Telekung: Learning Solat

"Command your children to perform solat when they become seven years old, and spank them for it (solat) when they become ten years old."(Abu Dawud). This does not mean that parents can only start teaching their children how to perform it when they reach the age of seven. Rather, informal instruction should start when a child starts to show an interest in solat, which usually occurs around the age of two. It is only human nature that children love to imitate their parents. In fact, this is one method that Allah has provided us for teaching our youth.
Therefore, it is important for parents of small children to let them "pretend" to perform the solat alongside of the parents. The benefits for this are twofold. First, it teaches children that it is necessary to perform solat everyday five times a day. And second, it helps children learn the physical movements of the solat. It really is amazing how fast a two-year-old will learn the phrase Allahu-Akbar when he/she performs solat alongside of the parents!
While the presence of a teacher or parent teaching children the proper method of performing solat can not be underestimated, many parents find supplemental materials helpful in teaching their children how to perform solat. Every year new educational products are being introduced into the Muslim market. Today, Muslim parents have available coloring books, storybooks, VCDs, and computer programs to enhance the learning process. Generally children learn new tasks best if teaching material is presented in a variety of formats. The use of such material will only help increase the speed and amount of learning for your child not to mention that it will make the experience more enjoyable.
Lastly, one of the most important aspects of successful teaching is praise and encouragement. Remember that children like to please their parents. Also, it is really important that parents praise and celebrate their children's accomplishments. This is especially true for learning how to perform solat. After the mastery of a section, children typically feel a strong sense of achievement. Praise motivates the child to continue to learn and accomplish new goals.
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