My Travelog: London (The Departure)

It's time to wrap-up. I logged too much on this London thing. So I cut things short. On the day of departure, I recalled the experience I've gained during my two weeks trip. Among others that I haven't logged are:

Bicester Village

The Shopping Village offers designer's items at discounted price. It located an hour and a half travel time from London. I went there by Express Bus run by Golden Tours. It costs GBP65.00 a family return trip. You can find Prada, Gucci, Anya Hindmarch, Ralph Lauren, Hackett, Mulberry, Burberry, Coach and many others but Longchamp (you have to go to Paris, I guess? hehehe..). In short, you might enjoy it shopping here, but for me, I don't fancy designer's items that much, (I don't have office or formal functions to attend to go with my Prada anyway!), so I'm happy to just ended up with my chic Cath Kidston! yeay!

Camden Market

If Bicester Village is not my thing, well this is indeed! Since 1973, it is the place for original arts and craft market. They said it's the home of London's most creative people.

Camden Lock Market, formerly occupied by warehouses and other premises associated with canal.

The scooter seats.. Cool! don't you think?

The Regent's Canal. The canal is frequently used today for pleasure cruising. A regular waterbus operates between Camden and Maida Vale, running hourly.

Stamford Bridge, Chelsea Football Stadium

If you come to London with guys, you ought to ended up in one of the football stadium. Hubby is a Man U fan but we found that Old Trafford is tooooo far away so, he had to be happy with this one.

We didn't went on the stadium's tour (hubby wasn't interested anyway). So, we just went there, snap snap, check out the megastore and off we go, as simple as that..

Although Arif was tempted to buy some of the merchandise but it was prohibited by his father.. "It is a wrong thing to do! It's blues!.. It's got to be Red!" he said. Then we went out of the store, almost empty-handed.. almost..

Tukdin Restaurant, Craven Road

Located in Craven Road (15 minutes walk from Malaysia Hall), every Malaysian should pay a visit here. Tukdin Restaurant opens from 12pm to 10pm. If you 'crave' for Malaysian food, then go to 'craven' road, got it? hahaha...

The foods are simply delicious. Cooked by either the owner himself or his son Chef Fauzi. I had a bowl of Mee Bandung. Guess what? I don't think I need to go to Muar for the best, I had one here.. seriously.

I had the chance to meet Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah in person and had a 10 minutes chat when she had her lunch there. She is a warm and motherly person. She made my day, I was very happy and couldn't wait to tell my mother about it.. hihihi..

Legoland, Windsor

It was D-Day for the kids. This was what we promised them. They had behaved themselves for this. The Legoland. We have to travel away from London to go there, Windsor to be exact. The pre-booked a train tickets from Paddington Station to Windsor. It costs us GBP40.94 a family return trip.

What can be perfect than seeing Paddington Bear at Paddington Station. Brilliant isn't it?.. But it doesn't come cheaper as you thought it should be.

It felt like running for the Amazing Race really. We were not sure which train to take, we just follow the flow..

When you booked online, your seats will be marked with 'Reserved' card. Cool!..

We have to stop for change of train at Slough. Then, a single way train will take you to Windsor & Eton Central Station.

Upon our arrival at Windsor & Eton Central Station, I had a glimpsed at the window pane and saw this... Being a Merlin (the TV series) addict, I cannot resist from admiring this view and couldn't wait to see what lies ahead.

This was it! if I only knew the town is this beautiful, I wouldn't waste spending my time in the crowded London.  I would've spend a night or two here, to find the young warlord.. hehehe..

Wow! I wonder where the dragon was hiding?.

Arif thought he had arrived at the park already..

Then only he knew, it was a bus ride away. Luckily, the bus turned up (thank you Mr. Google) and yes, as usual here, on-time. Superb, it was Wednesday and it still early in the morning, so we had the bus for ourselves.

Not only the bus, we had the park for ourselves too. Entrance fee to the park costs us GBP116.00 a family.

They got their first driving licence at the age of 7 and 5. How cool is that?

Do not let this boy has his hands on any steering, on or off the road. You might suffer from brain-vibration from the constant crashes.

They have various shows here! you have to do the running here and there according to the schedule of the shows.

Get fantastic views of Miniland on one of these moderate speed car called Sky Ride.

It travel around an aerial track at a height around 20 feet from the ground.

One of the Miniland's craft. The train is actually moving. Shrink yourself and feel the scale-down surrounding. Superb!

You can be all you want to be here. A fireman, that too.

I bought him the GBP3.69 light saber earlier in Bracknell. Now he dare to challenge Darth Vader for a duel.

This is indeed their wonderland. Furthermore, they get to bring back some legos home.

And I get a thank you hug as a return. That will do, that will do. Don't worry bout the purchases, Ayah will deal with that.. hehehe...

My admiration to Windsor beauty will never settle until I get to come back and spend some times here. Arif was seen to wander his mind wishing he could get a second round of Legoland. Well I guess that is nearly impossible to happen. Legoland Malaysia is coming up, maybe that is a good news for him.

We arrived at Berjaya late in the evening, bringing back the most fondling memory of the trip.

Gatwick Airport

Finally, it was time to leave London. After we had our last breakfast at the Malaysia Hall, we walked back to the hotel with mixed feeling. Couldn't wait to leave the cold weather but couldn't believe it was really the last day. The 8-seater taxi, arrived exactly on-time (1100am).

Say hello to Mr... ermm.. Mr.. hmm.. I didn't get to know his name really. We didn't engaged in any kind of conversation. The Indian guy wasn't up to any, so wasn't I.

It was Saturday morning and the brightest morning we've ever seen in two weeks time, we even get sweat (I thought they don't get sweat here.. hehehe..). The trip seemed too long, maybe due to the busy traffic (or people get over excited get to play outside).

Finally we arrived here, at the South Terminal, Gatwick Airport. We are accompanied with bunch of Malaysian, it felt like being in Subang Airport or something..

This is our first stop, the custom office. To get the receipts of our purchases verified before you can make a refund for VAT (Value Added Tax). It's a form of consumption tax (20% of every items).

This is what happened when you walked the extra miles.. hahaha.. poor Natasha, Ayah didn't allow her to get a new shoes, "It looks cool!" he said.

You can perform Jama' here cause the flight will take 12 hours. The all-in-one Prayer Room, for the Muslim, Jews and Christian.

It was more than what we would expect here in the 'Surau'. Impressive..

Guess what this thing is? It's the ablution tub, for wudu' that is.. Do not shower in this..

This is it! the refunds counter. You can opt to be paid with cash (with some charges) or to credit card (will take some time).

Before you do that, get your receipts ready...

All right.. that's all folks! I finally get to write my own Travel log. Not sure when will be my next.. huhuhu...



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