My Travelog: London (Hyde Park & Oxford St)

Day 2, London. Arif woke up early and looked out through the window pane as he wiped the fogs and asked me "Is it raining out there?". With prior knowledge I learned from Breakfast show on BBC, I replied "I don't think so Boy, they said it will be a shiny day today". With that, we decided to wear a lil' lighter today because 3-piece make us feel a lil' heavier. 

There is no other place to get a breakfast at 8 o'clock in the morning in London but here...

It is 'the' Malaysia Hall canteen. I guess, every Malaysian visiting London would've been here. You can get literally everything you usually had for your breakfast, including Arif's all-time favourite Roti Bom and they are relatively cheaper than anywhere else in London, as the costs are partially subsidised by the Malaysian Government to ease the burden of Malaysian students but all Malaysian are welcome. This is also the reason why Malaysian favours Bayswater as the place to stay, as Malaysia Hall is a few steps away. You can also stay at the hostel provided here, for a few days.

After we get our stomach full, we were ready to walk our way to 'the' Oxford Street.

Shops in Oxford Street only opens at 11am on Sundays. It was just 9am, so we strolled along the scenic Kensington Garden & Hyde Park as we walk towards Marble Arch (Oxford Street).

Sun doesn't shine everyday here in London. When it does, people will go out and do lots of outdoor activities like jogging, cycling, walk out the dogs or just simply sits back and get sun tanned... hehehe..

The Queen Anne's Alcove built in 1705 designed for the boundary of Queen Anne's formal garden at Kensington Palace. A London builder paid for it to be moved to its present position in 1867. It was once used as a gardeners' storeroom.

The Italian Garden Fountains.

Arif thought he had walked too far and suddenly he refused to continue...

Hmm.. I didn't think that would make it to the Oxford Street as the father is too old to carry that 25kg son of his for another 4-5 miles.

Finally, we reached at the edge of Oxford Street, the Marble Arch. Designed in 1825, it was used as ceremonial entrance to the courtyard of Buckingham Palace. Historically, only members of the royal family have been allowed to pass through the arch in ceremonial procession. It was later dismantled and relocated here in 1851.

We were here as early as 11am but the stores' gates are still closed. Meanwhile, shoppers have already flooding the entrance.

Primark is the store to visit. It offers quality goods at cheaper price. Unbelievable price tag like GBP2.9 can get you a nice and trendy school shoes. Imagine that... 

Then finally, at 11.30am the gate was open and shoppers are rushing in. It's kinda Boxing Day or something, I wonder... but I made my way though eventually.

This is how Oxford Street looks like, Sundays or not. I'm not a big fan of crowded places. With stollers to tow, it turned me off really, so I didn't venture much into the 'hype'. In short, I can say I can get whatever they offered here in One Utama, probably the price is slightly cheaper by conversion but that was not the reason I came here for. I ended up with just a longchamp handbag for a friend and a few GAP items that priced half from what they offered here in KL. I'm a GAP loyal customer, I couldn't resist GBP14.9 trousers for hubby, GBP4.00 shirts for the kids and GBP9.00 shirts for myself. Again, imagine that...

After 3 hours of shopping, we went to a Mayfair Islamic Center at Hertford Street in between Zuhur & Asar to perform our duty as Muslim. It was run by a Sheik in this High-End location of London. Superb facilities and they organize Jemaah at every prayer times. Alhamdulillah...

Nearby the mosque, there is Hard Rock Cafe Shop. If you are a Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirt collector then you must pay a visit. A logo shirt priced from GBP24.00 each. 

At the same row with HRC, there is Lim Kok Wing University. As a proud Malaysian, I must record this moment. Insyallah, one day I would like one of my kids to study here (if not, Cyberjaya pun OK! hehehe).

That day was the longest path I've ever walked. My leg couldn't take it anymore. We decided to take the Tube to go back.

I was advised not to worry to use London's public transport before coming here as they are very efficient. Yes, I agreed but avoid peak time as the flow of people could drown you and avoid bringing strollers as you have to do the stairs quite often.

This is the final destination of my every tube travel, Queensway Station. Home is a few steps away before I can get my legs to rest... *sight..

This is our GBP60.00 per night hotel room. Not only the size is small but the CRT TV too. Arif in a few occasions asked me "Why can't we go back to Bracknell?" (so he can watch cartoon channel in the 32" LCD TV). I simply replied "We don't come a long way here to watch cartoon, Boy!". Then he dismissed the issue and be happy with the only 4 free channels available.

There are more logs about London to come, stay with me...



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