My Travelog: Bracknell, UK (The Town)

The thing we like to do when travel abroad besides all the touristy thingy, we like to 'live like the local' (or as close as we possibly can). So that's what we did for four days here in chilly Bracknell.

Firstly, I love waking up in the hotel (Elizabeth House Hotel). Because of this..

The view.. sometimes it can be clear and chilly....

and sometimes it can be foggy and extra chilly..

But this english breakfast is to die for.. I wish I can wake up every morning having this served on the table.

Even Natasha who is not a fan of any kind of food, had a full mouth of it. So, we bought packs of the cereal at the nearby TESCO to bring the taste back home hahaha...

It's fairly a small guest house with hotel services, including a waiter in the chic-decorated dining room over looking a small garden.. really a good way to experience English lifestyle in a budget way.

That's the name of the road, Wokingham Road, Bracknell RG42 1PB. The neighbourhood is rather a common middle-class English houses in a small town. There are many ways to get to the nearby town, taxis is just a phone call away, buses are sighted every 20 minutes or so... but we chose...

to walk. It's an effective calorie burner and most economic way to get from point A to B. Afterall, we were not here to sit back and watch TV eh? So hike it kids!

This boy is not so much of a walker, he wines every steps of his way.. huhuhu..

We discovered lots of thing along the way, the people, the building, the services, the lifestyle.. and more.. From my observation, I guess Bracknell is similar to Cyberjaya cause I saw signs of IT-related companies just about here and there during my walk.

That's my boy, you've walked almost 4 miles now boy, and it's just half of the way and don't forget the miles to go back.

What I've discovered about Britons as to compare to Australian is that they literally living a fast lane. They walk faster, they drive faster.. it requires extra caution when let these kids walk by themselves.

Finally, we reached the town. There are Tesco, Next, Halfords, Morrisons and many more.

At time of visiting, Tesco is having a SALE. Lots of things are fairly cheap including the Lightsaber I bought for the kids. They're just GBP3.65 each.

For GBP 3 only, you can get two packs of Natasha's favourite berries (blueberry & raspberry) and yes, they're super fresh.

There are two things that relates Men with UK, Top Gear and BPL. By knowing so, it's easier to get them a souvenir. Find this store, then you are home.., they are scattered all across UK. They sell nothing but sporting items, from jerseys to racquets. I was lucky cause at time of visiting, they're having a SALE! Everything must go! hahaha...

They sell England Jersey for GBP 10, BPL clubs Jersey with your name printed at the back with additional GBP 6 onwards. It's crazy! Hubby was home alright.

6 a clock in the evening, and it's already dark outside and temperature can drop down to 2 deg C. But we have to thru it like or not.

Luckily this boy didn't make lots of noise along the way. But my worry was that he might catch a cold and that would spoil our next trip.

They were not much of outdoor activities sighted along the way. Maybe due to the chilly weather, locals are rather spend time at home...

or at the bar. Bars are popular around here, and they are the only option left who wish to experience the night life. For us, it's better to be back and watch BBC.. hahaha..

I will definite log some more, until then,



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