My Travelog: Bracknell, UK (The Arrival)

At the point of writing, I already arrived in UK for the school holiday. This is to inform you that LizOthman is still open for business. You can reach me through email, fb page and other means you find it possible except phone call. Deliveries only can be made from 25 Mar 12 onwards. FYI, this is the first time I took a vacation since LizOthman was found. Since this doesn't come often, I take the opportunity to do a travel log, the thing I've been long to do.

My biggest worry was how the kids to survive the 14-hours direct flight. This is what happened:

Angry Birds! but how long can it lasts? for at least it helped to buy some of an hour or so of the time.

Doing homeworks! this was part of the plan. They were mentally prepared so no complaints launched.

Drawing Big Ben! this is what Arif do best.. and passionate enough to complete his drawing.

Meal time! we pre-booked them online to get the best price. To our surprise, they were served twice, Alhamdulillah..

Enjit-enjit semut! hmm.. whatever kids, as long as you keep it safe and sound.

This is what happened when they get ultra-bored... they wrestled.

An RM6 Maggi Cup in between pre-booked meals. It was fairly tastier than on the ground.

Meet new friend! Natasha has always been good at this... my PRO.

Look at those faces when I said, fasten up guys! we are about to land!... finally.

The destination, London Gatwick Airport. AirAsia had decided to stop operating their European flight by April 2012, so it probably the first and the last time for us here.

Temperature 14 deg C. The winter is about to over but the wind makes it freezing cold.

About an hour travel by taxi, we finally arrived here. Elizabeth Guest House, Bracknell with a warm welcome from the Romanian manager.

We didn't expect it this nice and cozy really.

It comes with this small but nice garden, for the kids to play (only if they can stand the weather).

And most importantly, a nice place for us four, for barely GBP400 for 5 nights stay.

I will log again, until then..



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