Used Canon 1000D with Battery Grip for SALE!

In April 2009 I bought my first 'real' camera. It's DSLR Canon 1000D. It was superb for a beginner. I wasn't so much into the technical part of it, I just want to capture the images of my creations in a 'real' way. So that you can appreciate them as good as 'touching' it. It has done a real good job so far.

As time goes by, our relationship (me and my camera) has gone beyond a gadget and its owner. We've involved intimately, I love it so much that it has done so much to my business. I've complement it with a few accessories that complete its functions to my requirements as an online designer. I owe dearly to it, I never regret spending RM2000 + RM1000 more for its accessories.

I always brought it during photo sessions and outdoor activities to capture the moments. In short it has all LizOthman's secrets in its hands. You can see all it's creative works on this blog.

It is sad that we have to end this relationship. It's not that I've lost interest in it, or has it broke my heart but I have a change in requirement.  I need to keep my gadgets small and portable as I move around more often now. I just bought a new pocket camera recently for that reason.

The Canon 1000D body with Kit Lense (18-55mm) protected with lense filter. It comes complementarily with original Canon battery grip + 2 x Canon battery packs (pics below) and of course with its battery charger. The battery grip gives a firmer hold to support my small hands for a sharper image besides it's primary purpose to hold an extra battery for a longer life.

I've upgraded the original 2.0GB SD card with 4.0GB SDHC Card for bigger storage and faster performance.

The camera bag and strap comes complementary at time of buying. They still in good condition. Note that the bag is not Canon's but Nikon instead because at the time of buying the Canon's was out of stock so I just made do with the Nikon's.

As a bonus, I'll give away 2 more extras since I don't have the use for it without the camera.  They are a brand new out-of-the-box DIGIeye tripod and a Canon remote switch which enables you to trigger the shutter without a contact with the body thus it removes the possibility of getting the image shaky.

I'm offering you a very good price for it. RM999.00 (everything inclusive) with a promise to take a good care of it.. hehehe..

Anybody interested can mail me at



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