Maulidul Rasul 1433

Alhamdulillah, I'm still here to meet this year's Maulidul Rasul. According to Hijri calendar, today is the day I gave birth to Muhammad Arif 6 years ago in Alor Star. He's all grown up now, healthy and bright. The Prophet Muhammad at this age, lost his mother Aminah after his father Abdullah died before he was born and consigned to the care of his grandfather, Hashim before he was later raised by his uncle, Abu Talib following the death of his grandfather. Arif wouldn't understand the situation happened to the Prophet but I hope he will someday.. to be grateful for having us as a parent..

In conjunction with the Maulidul Rasul, I've made Arif a new Kurta. We plan to go for ceramah on the day Insyallah, so that he can wear this for that purpose.



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