Jubah Jr. for Aidiladha 2011

The "Festival of Sacrifice" is just a month away. Hajar was once asked the prophet Ibrahim "Did Allah order you to leave us here to die?" Ibrahim then turned his face towards his wife and couldn't say anything but pointing to the sky showing that Allah commanded him to do so. Then Hajar said "then Allah will not waste us, you can go". Subhanallah... I wonder if I have the same strength as what Hajar had showed us, in the middle of a desert hungry and dehydrated.

Commemorating Ismail obidience to Allah, many of us must have plan for sacrifice this year while some of us plan for aqiqah for the little ones. Well, I guess what you need is the right attire for the ocassion, a Jubah perhaps? and I have prepared you with just that, and it's something special this time, new material, new improvised neck.

There are 3 groups of designs namely ORBITS, ZEBRA & the normal Vs as follows:



The Normal Vs

To buy, you can either:

1. Buy online here by Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal.

2. Email to order@lizothman.com followed by Maybank2u / CIMBClicks fund transfer.

3. Comment on the photo in my Facebook Page followed by Maybank2u / CIMBClicks fund transfer.

Have a good celebration folks!


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