LizOthman on URTV Raya 2011 Edition


Shana of URTV has been so kind to me ever since the first Mia Sara's project.  From then on, I've been working with her preparing dresses for celebrity's kids. The most busiest were a few months before Ramadhan for these back-to-back edition of 1st and 15th September 2011 respectively.  I can never thanked her enough for the exposure she had given to LizOthman, for at least I've got to showcase my works to the public. Alhamdulillah! for that I suggest you to get the copies from the nearest bookstore, ahaks! :)

Heart-shaped Baby Dress for Dania, the new born daughter of Liza from AF 1. Hairband by Wanie's Craft Cottage.

Baju Melayu Contemporary for Danish, the handsome son of Khai & Rosma AF1.

Baby Sundress for Qashrina, Nija's AF1 sweet daughter. Hairband by SekociNorlie.

Kurung Contemporary for Nia, Cat Farish's beautiful daughter.

Baju Melayu & Kurung for Ani Mayuni's most sweetest couple.

Baju Melayu for Jamal Abdillah's sons.

Not only that I've get to showcase my dresses, I also get to see the photo sessions.  Most of the time I had to bring my kids along.  As kids, they don't care much about celebrity and such, they don't even recognize them mostly but it was an experience rare enough that they perhaps one day will be able to look at the pictures and tell the behind-the-scene stories.

Arif gets to share his iPad games with Hazama.  Arif didn't know him as a singer but now he be able to sing the song 'Pokok' in full.

Natasha with Akademi Fantasia 9 artists.

What a nice pose by Adira AF8, Natasha gets to learn a lot..

Arif knew the song "Nano nano.." but he didn't have any idea who Hafiz was. While a band of kids were screaming outside the room to get Hafiz's autograft, Arif just couldn't care less.. hahaha... what a funny guy



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