New-Generation Baju Melayu for Kids 2011

Why do I need to improvise the traditional design of Baju Melayu?

1) So it can be worn on any other occasion on any given day. Thus, increasing the value-for-money.

2) Kids are likely to wear their Hari Raya Baju Melayu less than 10 times before they grew in size.

3) Practicality, short sleeves allow them to flexibly move and reduce hazardous risk during 'bunga api' time and no need to sleeve up for wudu'.

4) Khaki pants are cool! No particular reason why I use them.. hehehe..

Alright, the Khaki-Pants-Short-Sleeves baju melayu is now available! I name them after my husband's favourite menwear labels.  They are pre-order but will be delivered before Aidilfitri.  Email me or visit my fan page for inquiries and details.

Baju Melayu Timber
 Baju Melayu Docks
Baju Melayu Ralph



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