Jimmy Shanley's Little Zahrah

Ramadhan is here again. I've worked hard a year long to prepare myself to not to be too busy for this Ramadhan and Alhamdulillah, I'm not as busy as last year but still it can be improved next year Insyallah..

Wanie of Craft Cottage reminded me two days ago about a dress I've made for Zahrah (Jimmy Shanley's new born daughter) has been featured in the 1-15 August's URTV edition. So, I grabbed a copy (and I would suggest you to do so) and I saw the sweet little thing that I've once held in my arms during the photo session in her grandparent's house.

I've made her the white/pink dress as I had imagined her fair skin tone as of her father's when Shana (URTV) requested me to prepare the dress. Then, when I finally be able to see her personally, she is indeed Jimmy's little miniature.

I wish the best for both father and daughter....



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