Natasha on TV9 for Sekocinorlie

Congratulations to Norlie who was given the opportunity to be featured on Nasi Lemak Kopi O held last Sunday, 3 Jul 2011.  I was there to show support just like Wanie did to me once.  I brought Natasha along just in case she needs a model and so she did.  Norlie as calm as she was, briefed the audience about her nice little crafts as she being moderated by the funny Sharifah Shahirah (Sheera).  The whole session went smoothly and Natasha did just what I've told her to, "Be Cute, and Behave!" hahaha..

Norlie looks sensational during the show.  The sweet girl beside Natasha is Wana, Norlie's daughter. I just love the butterfly hairband on Sheera, she is indeed a personality to be loved.

Norlie shows her craft work specially made for the show.  I was impressed! so did everybody else. You go girl!..

Natasha always wanted me to bring her to meet Mia Sara but the timing never been right.  She was lucky I would say when Mia was happened to be there in the studio, so I introduced her to Mia.

I wouldn't miss this for anything else... hehehe... Ibu pun nak tumpang jugeekk..

Sheera mimicking Natasha's post as she was impressed with Natasha's natural reaction towards a camera.. Hahaha.. we laughed about it.

It is official now that Natasha will no longer collecting stamps, instead she prefers to collect pictures with celebrities, even the one she hardly recognised.. hehehe.. but she will eventually.

I need not to introduce her to this one, in fact I have to chase her as she ran excitedly towards him as she screamed "Boboiboy! Boboiboy!" like some teenager chasing after Justin Bieber.

Lastly, thanks to Norlie for the good weekend.



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