How I Spent My School Holiday

Photo shooting in a RM9000 per night hotel suite with celebrities... how that sounds?
That's quite all right to compensate her 2-weeks doing nothing school leave.  Poor Natasha, Ayah had to work outstation and her small-time fashion designer Ibu had a very tight schedule.  Luckily, Ibu brought her along for the photo shoot (Ibu had no options really but to brought the kids along, nobody to look after them..).

Natasha at The Legend Hotel

Ibu designed a couple of Hari Raya kidswear for a couple of celebrity.  The baju melayu is specially designed for baby boy.  It is so designed to be simple and practical for wearer that tender age.

Meet Ani Mayuni the famous dangdut singer and her sensational family.  Her husband Ayie is a guitarist who was in the line up for a once famous band called Arrow and happened to be Ayah's room mate during ITM days about a decade ago (hehehe..) but Ayah missed this one.

The combination of dark blue cotton and turquoise is simply exquisite.  It wasn't planned but Ibu brought the right choice at the right place at the right time.  She loves it.

Don't be jealous Nenek.  Nenek is such a big fan of Mawi but Natasha had no clue who Mawi was but now she knew.

And his wife Ikin too.  They happened to be there at the same location so Natasha wouldn't miss this..

The rest of the day, we fully utilised the beautiful Moroccan setting for our own photo shooting session.

Lastly, Natasha would like to thank Aunty Shana of URTV for allowing Ibu to bring her along for the great photo shooting session.  She shall 'belanja' Aunty roti canai sometimes.. hehehe..



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