Labour Day Photoshoot

It's Labour Day again.. and it's our anniversary after 8 joyful years of marriage. Previous years, we would send the kids back to Kedah and we would escape to some island or anywhere far from the kids. Just the two of us, and most of the time we would end up in silent mode cause no one to chase about, nothing to be mad about.. hmm.. yes, it's quite boring. Normally, we would be having a nice candle light dinner by the sunset and talking about nothing but the kids.. and we would laugh about it. So, literally we can escape from their physical presents but not 'them'.

This year, we changed the game plan. No escapade, No nanny, No worries, the vacation was still on but we came in full P.A.C.T (Parents And Children Together).

Yup, double-trouble for the anniversary... perfect! (BTW, Sun hat bought from Okinokiyo!)
This year's theme is back to nature! we'll see who will survive..

The true story is, I was really in short of time to submit my collection's photos for a magazine to be featured before Hari Raya edition and I need the help of a photographer (husband) and models (the kids). Prior to this, credits to Sharum & my Makcik in helping me completing the Raya 2011 collection. After all, these people are what LizOthman is all about.

The venue is Sentosa Villa, Taiping. A superb location for a nature photo shoot.

They almost have it all here! nice bedding, well-decorated bathroom, WiFi......

and Yes, ASTRO with Disney Channel on LCD TV.

"I wonder what is Kakak doing out there?.. it's dangerous don't you think?"

"I L.O.V.E it here!!"

Upon arrival, we were busy finding locations for the photo shoot. We were a little well-prepared this after what we've gone thru in Putrajaya last time. We only begin shooting on the second day.

Natasha: "That big muddy rock seems daunting, and it slippery too, don't you think Ayah?. Let's go there!"
Ayah: "Maybe you forgot about one thing, SAFETY"

"Well Okey, we do it here then.."

"GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!.... I mean, NOWWW!!!"

"From now on, I'll decide where to shoot.. like this one, with roof and all!, PROPER, you see?"

"This rock is not as it turns out to be...hmm, can we go somewhere else? like on that cliff or something?"

As amateur as we are, lots of pictures gone to the drain. We need to reshoot a few dresses on the last day before we wrap up. But 'langit tak selalu cerah'.

Ayah: "OK kids, no outdoor shooting for today, we have to make do with whatever we have here! be creative.. We only have, like 2 hours before we can start to pack up and go home."

"Whatever Ayah..."

"We should have done this from the beginning.. so I don't have to miss my Disney cartoons!"

"Yes! finally we thru this. I'm definitely done with this 'nature' thing."

"A salute to the management who provided Disney Channel in the room. Good job!"

"See ya later folks! Chow!"



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