Craft With Parenthots

Saturday, May 28, 2011. Tropicana City Mall, PJ.

Natasha is always keen on crafting.  So I brought her to the event to unwind after a week of exams.  I brought along her best friend Iman and Arif who also has hands on arts too.  Crafting is indeed very good for kid's development.  I would like to share a few benefits of crafting for kids:

1. Building their imagination.

Check out the 2D Angry Bird clay figure created by Iman.  That is purely comes from her own imagination since the examples given are all in 3D. I was impressed.

2. Express themselves better

Just tell her how good she had accomplished (no matter how it turns out to be).   Any child will feel happy, knowing that their parents are very proud of them.

3. learn the value of friendship and communicate better. 

Let the children make crafts together and encourage them to exchange them.

4. Great hand-eye coordination and motor control.

Apart from that, they are also able to think faster and make decisions quicker, hence making them smarter.

5. Improve Parents and Children Interaction.

In most cases, parents are the one who gets their hands more than the children (excited terlebih sudah!).  

Natasha wanted to make the Angry Bird badly but the skill required is too great for her.  So Ibu made one for her... hehehe...

6. Improve Parents-Parents Interaction.

This is the main reason I came here for.  To support blogger friends.  Meet Norlie of Sekoci norlie

and Nirwana of My Glass Cubicle.  Please visit their blogs, they make good crafts!



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