My Puteri Impian: Amy Mastura

All my close friends know that I'm a fan of Amy Mastura. My ultimate dream as of now is to get her and her kids to wear LizOthman. Some friends suggested me to contact her PA, and that is not too difficult to achieve but I haven't done so, and I don't know why. Hehehe.. it sounds pretty fanatic don't you think?

In one beautiful morning last week, I get the opportunity to bump into her at IPC. It's not a normal thing for me to chase after a celebrity. I totally respect their privacy as a person but this time, it was different, it was Amy Mastura and I have to violate her privacy somehow just to get my dream transpires to her personally. So I did, I put myself together and say Hi!. As warm as I expected her to be, she was a humble person, she didn't say much maybe because she was pretty shocked as I approached her. I dare not to take much of her time, so I expressed my intention for sponsorship and passed her my business card. That was it and I hope one day her PA would call me hehehe..

Hmm.. so I am one step from my dream. As of now, I'm still busy preparing for new collection and hopefully it would be ready by May, Insyallah..



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