Family Portrait

While I was busy completing an order, Natasha came to me with her sad eyes.

Natasha: Ibu, I need a family photo for my English assignment. The rest of the class have already submitted theirs..

Me: Didn't I gave you last week?

Natasha: Yes, but that was NOT a family photo.

Me: Really? Why?

Natasha: Because they were a picture of you and me and the other one with ayah and adik in it. Teacher rejected them, he said it must be all of us in one pic, not a combination of two..

I blamed myself really.. This is not our first time we let down Natasha on her schooling, we despised ourself for being a bad parents for not accommodating her schooling needs but we tried our best.

Yesterday, equipped with husband's brand new RM570 tripod he recently bought, we set up our master bedroom to become a studio and self-shoot our own home-made family portrait because we thought family portrait taken from any other studios was boring.. We want a fashionable one, the one worth spending time for.

For the record, we managed to have our first family portrait in two if not three years time. And we liked it, we should do this more often we thought.. credits to the tripod.

A GAP wanna-be poster.. Hahaha.. (Perasan!)

This one definitely a COLGATE poster.. lol!

Arif is wearing my newest boy's collection. I call it Khaki Kid #2.

Natasha is wearing my experimental Punjabi suit.

This is a sneak peak for my Raya 2011 collection.

This is a rare pic. He despised himself for being non-photogenic. Only for Natasha, he dressed up and agreed to take part. This probably the last pic of him for another year or so.

My advise, do update your own family portrait before your kids ask for it. Don't wait till Hari Raya because you probably too busy by then or too fat.. hehehe..



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