Arif is 5

My superhero-obsessed son is now officially 5. He just had a Ben 10 + Ultraman + Batman + Iron Man themed small BBQ party last weekend. It took a solid 1 week for the preparation, although it pretty modest and simple. I wonder how long would it take to prepare for his wedding party.. huhuhu...

We are lucky to have Uncle Sharum to finish up these Kurta that I've been long to make for him. I drew the pattern, Ayah cut them and Uncle Sharum took them from then on.. Voila!

This is the graphic prepared by his Ayah for the table decor and goodie bag's stickers.

Ultraman and his usual hopeless enemy turned up to celebrate. The party attended by Ayah's officemates and families. Due to limited space and parking lots, we have to keep the guest's list short. Maybe for our next party we'll invite ibu's friends and customers perhaps. Insyallah!

Since friendly is not his best quality, so he asked his new friend Iron Man to help him in answering guest's questions, "How old are you?".. (check out the Iron man's palm). This boy is indeed creative and a lil' lazy too.

Happy Birthday Boy, God bless and please act like a 5-year-old will you? Hehehe...



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