2-in-1 Pyjama

Soft, stretchable & comfy. That's to describe the material I used for this PJ. Marrying punjabi suit's design with Jubah Jr's V neck, the result is between a replacement for Baju Kurung for 'mengaji' and a comfy pyjama.

Mothers who bought Jubah Jr. often came back to me saying their boys love to sleep in it. So it's more than an occasional outfit, it's an everyday 'baju tidur'. I'm happy to hear.

To make it even for the girls, I design this to make everybody happy, as happy as I am.

Punjabi suit with V neck on stretchable cotton. Stylish & flexible.

For bed time after 'mengaji' session.

Sleepy head but still pretty.

Pink is just perfect for her.

Her last pose before.....

Hmm... nite everybody!



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