Term Break: Balik Kampung

School break is here again. Lots and lots of wedding invitation I received back in Kedah. As usual we have to let down the invitations due to our busy schedule here in KL. My mother traveled to KL all the way from Kedah by bus last Friday just to bring Natasha back for the holiday.

Natasha is all excited to be able to balik kampung. Especially to travel by bus, for the first time. On top of that she gets to go to all the kenduri she can go to. It's not the nasi minyak that she seeks for, but how she gets to wear beautiful dresses and gets to see pengantin and all the happenings. For that, I packed her 3 sets of baju kurung with a few tudungs. She's a social bug alright, unlike her uptown-boy brother who she had to leave at home. The last time spent their holiday at kampung, all she heard everyday is Arif's compaints of not be able to play online games, no iPad, no dine-outs, no Toys 'r' Us blah..blah.. So this time around, let the city boy stays in the city.

The ticket to Kenduri frenzy!

Stocks for a week.

Grandma's pet.

"It would be much easier for to take care only one child instead of two when I am away, right Ibu?"

As usual, a pose for the blog.

This is much cooler than AirAsia.. hehe..

She finally made it.. onboard.

"Take care Adik! you can have the laptop and iPad for yourself for a week now.."

"I miss my naughty brother already.. huhuhu.."

"I want to follow Tok, but Kakak don't allow.. huhu.."

"Bye bye Kakak.. you take care!"

Happy Holiday kids!


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