Press Campaign: Putrajaya Hot Air Baloon Fiesta

I love the press. WANITA and URTV have been really supportive in creating my label's awareness to the public. Recently, I've been given an assignment to showcase my collection for WANITA. But this time I have to provide my own images and it comes with a theme, Hot Air Balloon. The Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta is the venue for the photoshoot. Then, models, after making a few calls, four confirmed, three were of my own.

I've been thinking of a new collection, there were all in my mind. But to complete them in 3 days? That was a challenge I have to battle. The Hot Air Balloon Fiesta was scheduled to be held from the 17th to the 20th of March, I received the assignment alone on the 17th. I need at lease 3 days to complete the collection and the photoshoot could only took place on the last day of the event. I wouldn't have enough time for site survey and this would be my first time. Should I missed it, there goes the assignment. To top the challenge, I have to work this out with 1 finger cut, and a bad ankle after a bad week.

To cut the story short, I managed to complete the collection by Saturday's evening (thanks to UiTM whom had prepared me for this). Had a little night sleep and departed to Putrajaya with my three models, a mother and a hubby as early as 9 am and arrived at 9.30 am.

Wow! we've never seen hot air balloons as many as this.

There were too many people in a too little space. By 10 am, we only spent the time for parking and looking for a suitable location. The soil was too muddy after the night rain. With kids, the mission took double the time we originally anticipated.

Natasha: why can't I zorb like them?
Ibu: because we have to que up the 1km line and we have other important things to do..
(then 1 model had her mood killed)

Then suddenly we realized that all the balloon were deflated one after another. What is happening? I wonder. Then I saw a notice stating the operating hours, 7-11am and 4-8pm. Hmm.. That means no balloon but we need to keep this going but where?

Sri Wawasan bridge seems interesting. So we complete the mission there or to go back empty handed. The models were all arrived at 11am (as I scheduled them to), but the relocation had brought a little chaos to the original plan.

The weather was extremely hot and the models were extremely fragile (normal lah). Then there came the drama...

Poor kids, I was too novice to anticipate this. Luckily the parents were all understanding and supportive but I wouldn't push them should they are not willing. As we wrapped the session, there were few good shots taken and that will do I guess.. Only I need to explain to the columnist about the mishap or to be accurate, misschedule. My bad, I should've known earlier.

As usual, after a successful session, we celebrated our effort with a meal. It was a little special this time, we set up an ad-hoc picnic at a lake using our suppose-to-be props hahaha..

So ladies, that was my weekend. We were tired, lots of sweats to repay my long lost diet and physical activities.. Ahaks..

To Faiza of WANITA, I hope you can consider my images even without the balloons at the backdrops. Will mail them to you later hehehe..

To Farrah Fenner and family and Suraya Hanim and family, you guys are cool even in the hot weather.. Hehehe.. Thanks for your time.



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