Blouse: Buttercup Wood

Natasha is an avid YouTube viewer.  One day she came to me and asked me to type in the word 'Buttercup word' on the iPad but in her own pronunciation which I hardly understood.  In the mid of my busyness, I don't have time to dwell with her so I simply said that there is no such a thing as 'Buttercup word' and I typed in 'Barbie Mariposa' instead cause I thought she might referring to the butterflies in the movies.  Then, half heartedly she left with the iPad.

Later, during my free time in the mid of the night, I grabbed the iPad and googled any keyword that might sounds like "Buttercup" and "Word" and finally came across a Chinese cartoon movie titled 'Buttercup Wood'. "This must be it!" I cried in joy and excitedly ran to Natasha's room to show her but there she was, asleep, tight and sound and it was 10:00pm.  Hmm.. poor Natasha, I should have spent time with her that day.

To make it up, I make a copy of Ee's blouse which I found it match the 'Buttercup Wood' theme for her.  I attach a butterfly button with ribbon on the colorful floral material.  I presented it to her and named the blouse Buttercup Wood.  She smiled in satisfaction and we snapped some pics.  I guess that moment we really had fun together.  Redeeming the lost moments when I neglected her.

I still have a few yards of the material in my closet.  It's open for order at RM62 per piece.  Anyone interested can make an order by emailing to me at



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