Baju Melayu 2011

Yes, I must agree with you.  It's a lil' too early for Hari Raya campaign but I was requested to make a couple of baju melayu for these boys.  They are cute, handsome and talented, just like their father...

Hmm.. yes, this is the father.  Non other than Malaysia's most lovable voice of all time,  Jamal Abdillah.  It's for a column in a well known magazine which the release has yet to be known.  I was there to sponsor the baju melayu for both Jamal's sons Osama and Zaki.

There you are! that lady in the checkered shirt again.  She just loves to enter frame.. ahaks!

Well, it's a pleasure to know this happy family.  Selamat Hari Raya for them in advance.. hehehe..



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