Tudung for Girls

When I first decided to wear tudung and told my husband about it, he brought me straight to Jln. TAR. I didn't knew anything about tudung so I let him decide which tudung I should be wearing. It wasn't a surprise that all the tudung he chosen were all priced at RM10. Hmm.. so I thought it was cheap to wear tudung, I would have bought a piece a day.

Then, I started to mix around with people who know about tudung other than my husband. Then I came across a famous brand that makes me wonder what is so special about it. So we went to Jln. TAR for the second time to visit this 'famous' tudung boutique. Hmm.. being a novice, I couldn't see any difference from the other RM10 tudungs but I realized that most of them are highly priced, even the discounted ones were priced from RM80. My husband was in for a few seconds then he disappeared, that was the que for me to give up and leave but I didn't. I was there almost for 2 hours and ended up with a few discounted tudungs. I saw sweats on my husband's forehead when he saw I brought out a few plastic bags. Hehe.. but I made a research out of it. First, I wear them. They are all super comfort, I rarely wear my RM10 tudungs ever since because the feel it gives me is totally different. Then, I went looking for the material they use, it's cotton, not jersey. When I found them in a few stores, the price tag I saw in the boutique earlier makes every sense. They are pricey alright. With the determination to make my own tudung (so that I don't have to return to the boutique again and makes my husband happy), I bought a few meters for my experiment. Then I went back to Kedah and make a visit to a neighbor who is a tudung maker, she makes good tudung so I asked a few tips. Upon my return to KL, I began to work on my experiment and finally it was a success and now I make my own tudung.

I have to tell you that tudung making has give me the joy and satisfaction more than anything. Anyone who visited my house would noticed the changing environment, from dress-laden to tudung-laden. Hehe.. to cut it short, a few customers, neighbors, friends and even my mother-in-law are now the wearer of LizO's tudung.

Now I'm offering my tudung range for all of you. The price ranges from RM18 (without awning) and RM20 (with awning) for all plain color materials and RM25 for multi-color material with awning. The inner only at RM10 each.



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