LizOthman's Day Out: KL Bird Park

It has been 1 year plus since our last vacation to Australia. We never heard of the word 'vacation' ever since, be it oversea or domestic. While her best friends traveled to Hong Kong, Brisbane and the like during school holidays, Natasha was most of the time at home.

Natasha likes animals of any kind. She has rabbits and tortoises at home. Then I thought she must like birds. KL Bird Park is just 15 minutes away, and I wonder why we haven't been there all these while?

With my Mother-in-law on board, we pushed off to Tasik Perdana as early as 10am. The bird park is such a heaven for us who appreciate privacy instead of the common packed KL destination. For the first few hours we felt like the bird park was ours, with a few Mat Salehs and Arabs in company, we really thought we were some tourists or some kind..

It's been long since I made Natasha a dress. For this visit, I've made BabyLiz Blouse with LadyBug prints, couple of them, one for Natasha and the other one for Emily (Aisyah lil' princess). US Cotton and I thought the design is quite 'touristy' hehehe.. Most importantly, she likes it.

Although the park wasn't really big but it surely packed with birds of all kind. Except for Hornbills, Eagles, Peacocks and Parrots, the rest I honestly have no idea what it was.

Don't forget to bring along your MyKad, JCard & Metro Jaya Card to get yourself extra discounts on entrance ticket. It's worth it.



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