LizOthman on Apa Chef TV3: Mia Sara Nasuha

A few weeks after the URTV photoshoot, Liya (Mia's PA) called me whether I can sponsor Mia a dress for a TV show hosted by the celebrity chef, Chef Wan. The program is called Apa Chef, every Monday 10:00am on TV3.

After the call, I'd prepared a couple of gown (Olivia & Pat Nichols) for Mia. Then, I delivered them to a studio in Glenmarie, take a few pictures and leave cause I was too consumed with other deadlines. Too bad I couldn't wait for the shooting but I left a happy designer cause the gowns were approved by the producer. Mia likes Pat Nichols but they preferred Olivia.

So, don't forget to watch Mia Sara and my Olivia this Monday 10:00am on TV3!



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