Jubah Jr.: Maulidul Rasul 1432H

Unlike the first born, the second one was pretty well-planned. I had resigned from my designer job earlier and went back to Kedah to have Arif. I called my husband right after the doctor advised me that I was ready and even picked him up at the bus station five hours later before I had myself admitted later that night but Arif refused to came out that day, he had chosen a very special day for his birth that is the same day The Prophet Muhammad SAW was born, the day after, very early in the morning. Subhanallah..

That was 1427H, 5 years ago. Tomorrow, Arif will be 5 according to Hijrah calendar but he has to wait for another 2 months to have his birthday party (BTW, he had chosen his present from Toys 'r' us already hehe..) to be fair to his sister.

I have to say Arif is my pride and joy, he's been attending an Islamic Kindy since earlier this year. By now he's already reciting Al-Fatihah, Salawat and a few doa as and when he likes (even in the bathroom.. hmm -> I should ask ustaz bout this). And also, he gave up Justin Bieber for Maher Zain hmm... Alhamdulillah.

In conjuction with the special day, I've prepared a couple of ready-stock Jubah Jr. namely Abu Bakr (Purple) and Siddiq (Blue). It just a continuous effort I've been trying to hold true as my appreciation of the special day, my commemoration, not entirely a commercial gimmick.

So, hopefully we can make use of the national holiday this 15 Feb 2011 by commemorating the birth of the prophet, the chosen one. Get yourself involve in a perarakan or ceramah would be a great idea..

So happy Maulidul Rasul and all salawats to the prophet.


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