Cocktail Dress: Brisbane Photoshoot

Hi, remember my older post on Cocktail Dress back in November? Well, the pictures weren't very clear due to the incompetency of the cameraman (sorry dear hubby, you just have to buck up the skill hehe..).. So, I requested my dear friend Suraya Hanim to reshoot them during their trip to Brisbane, Australia last December. And so she did, thanks Kak, you're the best! and thanks to Nizam too..


This is the 'fun' Mia. She reminds me of the young Madonna in her Material Girl video. Well, Mia is simply my kind of 'Material Girl'. She had a tiered BabyLiz Dress, green polka dots. You can choose from pink to blue should green is not your color.


Well, this is the classic Zara. Soft, gentle and elegant look. Blue is just her right color. As I mentioned earlier, the siblings have their own unique characters but Zara is the most unique. I just want to pinch that chubby cheeks!! eee.. geram!


The eldest sister, the 'reserved' Iman and Natasha's bestest friend. So, that explained why she is in pink.. Natasha, pink.. get it? Hehehe.. Anyway, the sundress is so sexy that it concealed the 'reserved' part of Iman almost totally. I bet she was the center of attraction on top of the Mount Cootha that afternoon.

Order is now open for all the three designs. They are all made-to-measure as of now, so email me or fill in your order form!



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