LizOthman for URTV Cover

Alhamdulillah, remember my previous post on LizOthman sponsored a couple of dresses for Mia Sara? I finally get to 'touch' the real thing!. Shana called me yesterday saying that my dress looks 'meletop' on the new release. That makes me couldn't wait any longer as I drove to the nearest kedai mamak to grab a copy this morning. Hot as it was, I probably the first person to get this copy hehehe... (over pompuan ni tau!).

Anyway, this is not a usual copy of URTV because it is a double celebration for both the magazine and the cover artist, Dato' Siti Nurhaliza. URTV marked its 41 years in publication while Siti celebrates her 32nd birthday TODAY! 11 January 2011.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DATO'!!.. I have been and always be the supporter of your talent.

And another special occasion I would like to celebrate today is the birthday of my beloved fellow blogger, Wanie of Wanie's Craft Cottage who always been in the back of LizOthman to support. Thanks dear, may God bless you!

I in the other hand is the luckiest person on earth to have happened to be in the right place at the right time with the right people. All the praises to Allah for the great experience.


Mia and Dato' Siti when they first met. Mia in Crayon Dress by LizOthman.

Mia wrote her autograph for her fans. Mia in LadyBug Dress by LizOthman.

The birthday cake.

The motherly Dato's Siti. Mia loves her very much.


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