LizOthman is 1Y


1st January 2011 marked the first year of LizOthman's existence.  This is not a personal New Year's resolution since I've set mine on the last Maal Hijrah that is to learn and practice better Islam but this is to set a new goal for LizOthman, my label because without a goal, I would be blind to face the coming years.

As of 31 Dec 2010, almost a thousand pieces of LizOthman were produced and sold.  The blog hits marked at 20,000 plus, 100 plus Followers and 73 FB Fan Page likes. The numbers are considerably small as to compare to other blogshops which gained double if not triple of mine in a year, I really proud of those bloggers like Wanie Craft Cottage and Miz Amie. Keep on doin' it gurlz! but I couldn't be more thankful to Allah for these achievements.  Apart from the numbers, LizOthman also had a pretty good exposure by being featured in local magazines and insyallah on a cover page.  Even I considered that as 'too big' for LizOthman but Allah knows, He wouldn't grant me anything that I couldn't handle, Alhamdulillah.

As for the one-year goal, I want to focus on the processes.  Strengthen the production process and ultimately double the customer's satisfaction. There are 3 areas of concern:

1. Made-to-measure.
2. Ready-to-wear.
3. Bazaar Participations.


This is the main product of LizOthman.  I've been serving you from designing to delivery process. I design, I procure, I make sample, I test, I publish, I accept order, I complete order and lastly I deliver.  The only problem is the Lead Time, the time interval between the initiation and the completion of the production process.  This then leads to backlogs, I don't like it.  It makes my life uneasy, I like to get your orders but I don't like to keep them.  So this year, I will produce Ready-To-Wear items for 2010 bestselling products namely Jubah Jr. and Kurung Contemporary.  Therefore, I can focus on the rest of the products namely Gowns, Dresses, Blouses, BabyLiz and Kebayas while defocus or probably discontinues unpopular products like Melayu Contemporary and Baju Kurung.


I would produce ready made Jubah Jr. and Kurung Contemporary from now on.  This to address the Lead Time problem I faced throughout 2010. By anticipating these 2010 bestselling items, I hope will leave me with backlogs free.  Check out the stocks which I will update from time to time.

Bazaar Participation

From the experience gained during Kids Buzzar last November, I am keen to participate in their next events.  The next one is Scheduled on 29 Jan 2011 from 10:00am to 5:00pm, same place.  If you intended to see my collections closer, then make a date with me there!



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