LadyBug : Red Hot Maryam!

Dear All,

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, I'm seeing Red, it's all around me. In Chinese Metaphysics, Red symbolized the Fire element (shiny element which can chase out all evil). It usually means Good Luck. For LizOthman it's a good theme to work with. Beetle is the motive. You might have seen a lady bug costume in some studio but I design it for everyday gown. The design was worn by Mia Sara on the 15 Jan 2011 URTV edition but it probably was not prevailed enough for you to view it, so I shoot some piccas on Maryam for your better view.

I couldn't get enough with Maryam, it took me less than 3 minutes to shoot her cause I instantly get what I wanted as she turned modelling cutie in a blink of an eye. She posed naturally as if it's her second nature.

The gown is a mix of red plain cotton and red and black polka imported cotton. At the back, I decorated a ribbon from the straps and beetle shaped buttons to complement the whole look. The 3-tiered skirt (lower part) is sure looks fun and trendy.

Maryam had worn the gown for an occasion to celebrate her grandma's birthday and probably during the Chinese New Year on her visits to her chinese friend's open house cause she's a one 1Malaysia kind of girl alright.. hehe..

Again, thanks Adila for providing me with the unarguably prettiest talent of yours for the photo shoot. For the rest of you who wanted to unveil your own home-grown talent, feel free to come over to my house and we probably might discover the next Malaysian Top Model together.. hehe..



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