New Year, New Looks

I consider myself lucky to meet lots of good people everyday and even luckier to meet good talents day in and day out. These undiscovered talents sometimes turned out to be a precious one. Some parents encourage their kids to perform beautiful posts in front of camera as a medium of expression and to develop their self confidence to face the public. Somehow, some part of the society thinks it is a discrimination towards minor? believe it or not, they are exist in our society. I'm speaking from my experience developing my own daughter's talent and a conversation with the parents of a minor actress. Whatever there maybe, I always take it positively, these young talents are our responsibility. So long, it is not against their willingness and well-being, it is clearly NOT a discrimination, it is a lesson of value, it is a positive development.

I would like to introduce to you my newly discovered young talents who voluntarily modeled my new collections (with their parents' permission of course).

The first one is Amily, 3Y. She makes good picture just by standing there and be herself. Photogenic by genes I would say? hehe... She had BabyLiz Nature on as she naturally move from one post to another.

This one is Amily's sister Marissa, 5Y. She is a happy-go-lucky kind of kid. She had Crayon Dress on.

Now meet Maryam 5Y, she had the 'celebrity' look. From my point of view, she is the next minor top model hehehe..

Pat Nichols gown.

Olivia gown.

Cotton Cream Flowergirl.

Thank you to Aisyah and Adila to provide me with their own homegrown talents hahaha... I hope from the quality of the outcome, you'll be able to decide whether to send them for a karate class or a modelling class instead.. hehehe..



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