2011 Gown: Soft Linen

RM120 (with lining skirt)

Simple embellishment on soft linen front bodice using pin tuck & lace.

Bishop sleeves.

Pat Nickols

Soft linen top with front buttons and laced neck. Designer cotton for skirt.

Waving Old Flags by Pat L. Nickols. Flare Skirt with lace.
Lining skirt. Sold separately at RM15. Flexibly put on and off.

About a month ago, I've made a post on my Facebook Fan Page "Next Project: 2011 Collection. Tell us what you want to see in the collection". No one commented, but Amie Irwanty did, she posted "Something elegant for the kid plak". So, in respond I cracked my brains out in search for the 'elegant' idea. In two weeks, nothing surfaced. So I went shopping for new fabrics and I found my ideas, lots of them, and the owner of the shop is so friendly and generous too. We became friends hehehe.. and I came back home smiling with a word to the owner "I'll be back" (in Terminator style). You bet I will. hehehe...

These gowns are also my respond to my 3 customers. All at once. One of them wanted an Islamic concept Occasional dress, one wants a pair of flower girl gown and the other one wants 'something' in cream and glamorous for a photo shoot. What the three had in common is they want it to be non one-time-only dress, they've got to be flexible enough to be worn on everyday life. So it worth the money.

I hope these prototype makes them happy as I am. If not, it's ok cause I can make that an excuse to revisit my newly found 'idea' shop... hehehe... girls will be girls right? shopping is my second nature.

That's all for now, till then.



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