Kids Bazaar: The Memoir

This is a memoir of a first timer Bazaar participant.

Wednesday, 3 Nov 10 (3 days from The Day)

1700H: Finished the fourth piece for the day, take a break for awhile to prepare the dinner.

2000H: Clearing up the dinner table, washing the dishes while planning which piece should I work with next and suddenly.. Arif had an accident and torn his lips. Blood rushes out his mouth, piles of them. Cried his lungs out.

2200H: Rushing Arif to the nearby clinic which then referred him to a Medical Center in Kota Damansara to get his lips stitched.

2230H: Arrived in the Emergency Area, packed up and prepared to be admitted. Surgeon wasn't around, the surgery procedure was delayed until 0800H the next day.

Thursday, 4 Nov 10 (2 days from The Day)

0800H: Arif was headed to the Operation Theater escorted by the father. He said he saw 100 of lights which later turned into an earth-shaped object before they turned off the lights. Huh? they turned the lights or him off?

0900H: Arif returned to the ward with his lips nicely done. Received lots of 'Get Well Soon' wishes from FB. Thanks guys.

2100H: Discharged and had our proper meal after all-day Maggie Cup and Milo Fuse.

2330H: Arrived home high and dry, bed early for a fresh start the next day.

Friday, 5 Nov 2010 (1 day before The Day)

1000H: At work.

1100H: 4 pieces down, 20 to go.

1300H: Lunch break.

2000H: A neighbor brings his family to visit my studio. Entertaining guests with eyes and hands on the machine.

2359H: 5 down, 15 to go.

Saturday, 6 Nov 2010 (The Day)

0430H: Another 5 down, I CANNOT GO! zzzzzzzzz...

0700H: Wake up early, get my hands on last pieces, packing things up.

0800H: Heading to Bangsar, left the kids at their bed, drop by at nearby Petronas to pack a breakfast.

0900H: Reached Jeumpa D'Ramo. Unloading the packs and preparing the booth. Husband went back to collect the kids.

0915H: Hanging up the dresses and playing a mind game called 'If only I had more'.

0930H: Receiving the First Customer as early as the game begins.

1100H: I can hear lots of fun stuff going on downstairs but I can't move from the booth to see or join but it's OK. Lots of people turned up and enjoying their visit.

1130H: Things are out of hands. Helper (Husband) is still feeding the kids at some restaurant and I'm already screaming for help. Despite sleep deprived and empty stomach, I had a natural smile on my face as I see blog followers and friends alike come over to show support. God bless these people, what have I done to deserve this?, I prayed.

1230H: Entertaining my first Celebrity customer and she had a dress... and of course, we took a picture or two.. hehehe.. thanks Wardina.

1300H: Husband showed up and asked "How's business?", I replied with a smile "I lost count" instead of "Where were you?" with a grind while having my breakfast, or lunch or whatever...

1430H: Things are under control now, time for shopping and get to know people.

1600H: Have fun with Wanie & Alin and Tini. We chat and laughed in between entertaining customers.

1930H: Leave the Bazaar a starving lady. Ask husband to bring me to the best steamboat restaurant in town.

Sunday, 7 Nov 10 (The Second Day)

0730H: Making top-up Jubah Jr.s since there are too few of them left.

1000H: Arrived Jeumpa D'Ramo, things are light and easy today. There are ample time to rearrange the booth.

1010H: Entertaining the first customer of the day while setting things up.

1200H: Accepting a surprise visit from Miss Amie. Thanks Dear, I just realized that you always there for me.

1300H: A best friend turned up to give a hand but we spend our time mostly chatting and laughing and socializing. Afterall it's Sunday, people should relax, including ourself. But she still managed to sell a Jubah Jr. for me hehehe... Thanks Suraya.

1500H: Just realized that today is the 'Shopkeeper's Day' since there are more shopkeepers than customers, so we visit each other's booth and exchanging contacts and stories. 'Expanding the Network', some might call it.

1600H: The kids enjoying most of the day (the so called little shopkeepers). They took pictures, they paint, they play around the swimming pool and the best of all getting free candies from the generous candy stall... hahaha... too bad I couldn't managed to get to know them closer. Looking at the kids enjoying themselves today, make the whole meaning of Kids Bazaar true. Although to make them a shopkeeper seems practically unrealistic, but I think we managed to instill the value of keeping a business and the value of money to the young minds.

1800H: Wrap up and call it a day. Good Bye Kids Bazaar 2010, may there be another one like this soon.

1930H: Reached home tired but happy.

Now: Redeeming my lost good night sleep while praising God for the good weekend.



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