Kurung: Get Uniformed!

Believe it or not, Natasha is going to primary school next year. Will she be able to carry herself at school? ohh.. it's just me, I am supposed to be worried, it's just a mother's 'thing' that I supposed to felt this way. She'll be fine... right? huhuhu... It doesn't work, I'm still worried.

Anyway, this is the last week she's at the Kindy. She'll be 6 this weekend, so I plan to throw a small party before I'll send her to my mother's as she wishes (or it's more of my wish so that I can concentrate on my work hihihi..) Either way, she'll be in Kedah for a month. Then she'll be attending her orientation session on the 31st Dec.

For that reason, I have to find her a uniform. It's not the 'excitement' that drove me, it's just the timing. So, we went to a mall and to my surprise some of them have yet put them on display while the very little options at hand left me frustrated as they are more like rags than uniforms. They maybe fit but they don't fit her 'perfectly'. Maybe it's just my tailor's eyes that causes the frustration but I just want her to look nice, afterall she's LizOthman's daughter hahahaha.... (yeah.. like anyone's care?). So I went to buy some fabrics and make them myself. She'll be wearing Baju Kurung to school.

Since Natasha's uniforms are ready. My heart tells me why don't I help you to make them for your daughters so you don't have to waste your time at the mall. In e-commerce term they call it saving your 'Search Cost'. So I did.. now why don't you email me for details and the address is inquiry@lizothman.com should you interested. The price is RM35 ONLY!

Until then, happy 'Back to School'!



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