Cocktail Dress

Recently, I've made a line of Cocktail Dress that addresses parent's dilemma of the lack of choices for such occasional attire in the market.

So, in conjuction with Natasha's 6th Birthday Party, I made a few designs and put them on a few of her friends on a game we called 'mini fashion show'. We played a latin music and the kids showed off the dresses on a parade. The party maybe modest but the kids lights up the night with the character they portrayed as the LizOthman model.. hehehe. The only turn-off point is the absence of professional photographer to shoot in the dim of the night. As a result, you may find the pictures a little blurry. However, I will post the clearer version of the pics after re shooting them later.


The first design is Iman. A dress for a girl with 'reserved' character. These kind of girl, they don't like to socialize very much. She likes to be fun but don't like to speak her heart out. So, the pink polka with long-sleeves mini dress is perfect for her character. Iman, as the name implied, is the model in the pic. She seems like enjoying the party more than she usually do in any social gathering like this. So, I reckon that she is the biggest success of the night.


The second one is Zara. She is an 'elegant' girl. She likes to look neat and she speaks and acts properly. She is more concerns about her own well being than to entertain other's likings. She can be very soft and adorable. So, I design a clean cut, no fancy detailing to complement her character. The dress seems to be comfy for her.


Mia is a 'fun' girl. She is the kind of kid that parents like to bring along on any occasion. She adapts to her environment pretty well. She carry herself flexibly. People likes to play with her since she don't question so much as long as she have fun but she can be very determined at times. So, the tiered BabyLiz dress is for her, the bare-back brings out her easy-going character and the tiered layer is fun. I chosed green colour to tone down the active character so she looks balanced in a way or another.


Tasha is a 'model' type. She doesn't complains much about her dress. She can carry any character, in fact she doesn't have her own character... hehehe. She also a 'party people', she likes to mingle around with people. But she has a 'leadership' quality as she can create her own game and others willingly to follow. The design I put on the birthday girl is experimental really, I matched the embroidered top with a long skirt using linen-like cotton. I tucked in the top to the skirt to bring a formal look so you can wear it on a more formal occasion. The dress also suits for Muslim concept as you can wear her tudung along with it.


Hannah is a 'shy' girl. You don't cover her body too much cause you will only encourage her shyness thicken. The BabyLiz with bare back along with the vibrant pink colour will makes her feel free and perhaps will brings out her out-going personality alive. The embroidered texture bring out an elegant look to her. Hannah, from the beginning of the party was the shadow of her mother, she refused to participate in the game but after she puts on the dress, she allowed me to take her pic, alone.


This is for the future 'heart breaker'. He is handsome, sporting and soft spoken but at the same time active (boys will be boys, right?). He puts on the linen top and pants with no hesitation, he like to please people (a man with this character surely will make his partner happy, don't you think? hehe). I call this design as 'Islander' since it synonymous with hunks that like to hang around beaches and islands. If you notice at the collar of the top, it bares open the chess. It was not intended to, it supposed to have buttons but I couldn't manage to finish it due to the tight schedule before the event. In the next posting, I will show you the proper pic of it. If you have couple (boy and girl), I suggest you match them with Tasha Dress because they matched perfectly. With the linen look and embroideries, it's perfect for outdoor occasions and even a formal one.

To wrap up the night, we came home happy and satisfied. Despite the rains that delayed the preparation by several hours and the condo's management policy that forced us to end the party earlier, we managed to prepare the BBQ on time and carried out the mini fashion show.

From the experience organizing our first outdoor event, we've learnt a valuable lesson on how to handle with uncertainties. We are thankful to have supportive friends like Suraya, Nizam, Sharum and Rashid who contributed their efforts for the event. And to all our guests of the evening, hope you like it and do come again on our next event. And hopefully we can invite all of our blog followers to join... hehehe (wish I can afford it). :)

Candy Buffet by Miss Amie Thanks dear! lovely.

Lots of Love.


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