Vintage Dress

Hi there Ladies,

The theme of the day is Vintage. Imagine yourself having a hard day at work and suddenly someone tags a picture of you during the old days on Facebook. Then, you will start wondering where on earth do that smile on your face come from?

If that 'old days' happened to be around 70's and early 80's, you would probably agree with me that the pics shown here seems familiar. Probably from your old picture album. While retrospecting, several names might popped-out of your mind like Che' Mah, Midah, Deq Na and everybody you've shared your sweet moments with. This sometimes brought a tears on my face.. sob.. sob... Then you better start dialing those people's numbers, ladies.

Speaking about friendship, these two girls are best of friends. Dayang Humaira and my daughter Natasha. They aged 6, they go to the same school. Its probably beyond their wildest imagination how the thrill of playing 'upih' or catching 'ikan puyu' in the pond at the 'bendang' are all about, but they are happy playing together (mostly with the aid of 'technology' of course :P, which often I don't have any idea how that is fun..). I knew how that felt, but I would never experience it twice. The hardship of life had changed me and the way I see things now. Then I thought if I can't bring those 'vintage' methods of playing to them, why don't I dress them? like I would imagine myself wearing (of course back then, I couldn't afford these imported quality cottons..huhuhu.)

With great enthusiasm, I started to take out a few imported cottons which I bought from a friend in the States a few months ago and started cutting from the perspective of a 6-year-old girl. It only took me 2 hours for me to sew these dresses. Then I called my bnf (best neighbor forever? hehe..) who is Humaira's mother to put some make-ups on them whom had played in her house since morning while I make the preparation for the photo shoot.

I would describe this photo shoot is the best so far. With the help of LizOthman's self-appointed so-called 'Art Director', Rashid Hamid has brought the kids to the other side of the world hahaha...

For whatever that means, I am fully satisfied with the outcome. For those who miss the old days, this for you from the entire LizOthman's humble crew.


note: Humaira is wearing Flower Power and Natasha is wearing Vintage Pink. Describe them by the name given upon ordering. Other type of materials are available, contact me for details. TQ.


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