Kebaya Batik - Embroidered Top

Batik Pink 3


You will never believe what I've been through to get these materials. I crossed the border without border pass because I've left my passport in KL. But my determination had led me to the situation I would never want to encounter again for another 100 years.. Haha.. I was stopped by a foreign custom officer while in the back seat of some motorcycle which brought me in. I kept my mouth shut the entire time (I can't understand the words he said anyway). Somehow, for god forsaken I was allowed to pass. The relieves I felt was indescribable, phew. I was so close from some country's jail at that moment.

As you might learnt, these materials are scarce. I usually create these batik + embroidered top kebaya for fashion show or some promotional purposes only. But now, I present them to you. Should you want to have the collection, you can fill in the order form or mail it to me at

The embroidered top is available in white and brown color while the batik you can choose from the following. Please describe your preference by the name I've given on your order.

Batik Gold

Batik Blue 1

Batik Blue 2

Batik Pink 1

Batik Pink 2

The followings are Kebaya Batik Jawa which I match them with brown embroidered top. I suggest these collection for girls aged 4 to 6. The authentic look is simply classic.

Batik Jawa 1

Batik Jawa 2



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