Jubah Jr. White for Amirul

Salam Sayang!

This is a story of a mother who'd do anything for her son (for a boy this cute, I'd myself do anything for him hehehe..). She googled the entire web (she would have travelled the planet earth if it wasn't because of the Internet) to find a jubah for his 6 years old boy, for him to wear on his Kindy's Graduation day.

She eventually found me in the wild and ordered a Jubah Jr., but it's not just another Jubah Jr. it's got to be white (because it's the Graduation's theme color) and it's got to be ready by Friday the 29th. Hmm... that was like 5 days away from the date she placed an order, 4 days from the date she confirmed it and 2 days and a half for me to post it. So, to not let her efforts wasted to the drain (and to not effecting my existing deadlines), I burnt my midnight candle and finish it off (not a big deal really).. and the result is a little more than what I've expected, It's wonderful and she endorsed it. Check out her blog to read her side of the story.

Thanks asmasalleh, I really appreciate it and nice to do business with you.



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