Jubah Jr. / Jubah Sr. Kimono

Dear Reader,

Boys are from Mars, they are able to do terrible things that can bring the serenity of the world to a state you can't imagine. Same goes to men.

This is Arif, he's my son. Bringing him to bed is like bringing herds of cows back to the coop. When you ask him softly, he'll turn into a bed-jumping monkey. When you start to raise your eye brow and threaten him to throw him out the window or something, he thinks you are a clown and laugh at you. When the 'rotan' is in your hand, he'll keep his mouth shut and pretend to be suddenly asleep. But often, the 'rotan' go missing (misplaced or hidden by some kids-friendly-ghost or something). If that the case, I have to call the 'Pacifier'.

This is the 'Pacifier', his own kind, from the same planet. Only this kind of species can turn him into a baby. No hush words needed, only a touch and the monkey suddenly out of sight.

Some mystery can be explained with science and logic. But this mystery remains a mystery to me, and I don't even bother to unfold, as long as the ultimate goal is accomplished. To put a hyper active boy to bed.......... and some of the times 'it takes two to tango'.


Note: Product description Jubah Jr. / Jubah Sr. Kimono.


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