Jubah Jr. III - Post-Raya Collection

Hi there,

Well I have mixed-feelings lately. It's like season, you can be too cold and sometimes you can be hot, I mean seriously hot... haha.

This is a feedback I'm getting from a customer who bought a jubah from me. He said the jubah is best worn at the unlikely place. The bed. Yeah, when I first design it, it was like very occasional and proper and suddenly I get this feedback and it occurred to me that why wouldn't someone or anyone wear this jubah to bed. If it makes them sleep better, I'll design it.

Hey, I almost forgot about the new materials I'm about to introduce. These are post-raya materials cause the pre-rayas are all sold out. So take a look, and just fill in the order form if you feel like getting it for your son or perhaps your husband. :)



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